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October 2017

Parque Calderon, Cuenca’s centerpiece, is a very large square with very large trees —including the eight Chilean Araucarias that cup the central statue honoring Abdón Calderón, a 16 year-old independence war hero from Cuenca whose final heroic feat was allegedly hoisting the victorious flag of

Its long, paradisiacal gold-sand beach is enough to lure anyone into Canoa Beach Hotel’s web of languid repose, one of the most peaceful and best-appointed accommodations in the Ecuadorian Coast. A great oceanfront atmosphere, complete with an attractive stone-lined pool, “cauldron”- jacuzzi

It’s hard to imagine a place with a more spectacular view. La Estelita perches on a cliff overlooking the city of Ibarra, a place to eat well, succumb to romance and marvel at the fabulous horizon. It’s the sort of vista that makes you fantasise