Ecuador's Travel Magazine

October 2017

Its long, paradisiacal gold-sand beach is enough to lure anyone into Canoa Beach Hotel’s web of languid repose, one of the most peaceful and best-appointed accommodations in the Ecuadorian Coast. A great oceanfront atmosphere, complete with an attractive stone-lined pool, “cauldron”- jacuzzi

It’s hard to imagine a place with a more spectacular view. La Estelita perches on a cliff overlooking the city of Ibarra, a place to eat well, succumb to romance and marvel at the fabulous horizon. It’s the sort of vista that makes you fantasise

Discover the energy of sleeping amid what Humboldt once called “raging volcanos” (in this case, supervolcanos), at the foot of windswept Mount Quilindaña, smack-in-the-middle of the magnificent Chalupas Valley. You’re in safe hands as you lose yourself to the allure of the páramo: this is

The exaggerated – almost dreamlike - proportions of this mountain lodge and the colossal Mount Chimborazo that rises epically behind it, only deepen the desire to reach the colossus’s summit. Located in a place especially chosen to awaken the spirit of adventure of any mortal,

The luxury and eye for detail of this noble boutique hotel in Cuenca’s Historic Centre, one of the first and most inspiring in the city, transforms a classic residence into a cozy, memorable experience of pampering and pleasure. The decoration, style and intelligent restoration has

Café de la Vaca was born from the desire to shape a dream, to serve with passion and dedication, and to recover traditional recipes, all within beautiful, green and pleasant natural settings. At each of its three locations, this iconic café takes pride in serving