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July 2017

There’s something about Guayaquil’s Parque Histórico that has always captivated Ñan. Its spot on the banks of the unhurried Daule River in the snazzy Samborondón neighbourhood, the lush botanical gardens humming with wildlife, and the period trams and 19th century clap-board buildings that take you

It is time for lunch and a clutch men return to the village clasping their fishing rods and buckets with the river’s offerings: fleshy and silvery gualajos (a local fish). Others return with their machetes belted to their waists, with a bunch of overflowing plantains

Colorful bamboo inns, stalls selling coconut milk shakes and fruit smoothies where before you only saw a few ramshackle huts. There were empty beaches where today bronzed surfers idle by with their battered boards. And on the beach, motorboats have been relegated to the southern

It is four o'clock in the morning. The soft hues of twilight paint the skies and the waves caress the sand calmly, less intense than in the afternoon. On the shore, you can already hear the clutter and the first fishing boats pushing out bravely