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February 2017

The official parenthesis of our day-to-day, an invocation of the past and, in a drunken trance, a crude encountre with the present; the triumphal arrival of identity in the era of gentrification, the Ecuadorian fiesta popular continues to represent that crack in the calendar through

These four fiestas are, according to us, among the most special and traditional of the country. Experience Carnival festivities in the Central Andes, discovering the cultural treasures, traditions and identity of each one of these fiestas.

For an Ecuadorian, the official, Spanish Academy dictionary description of the word carnival- "a popular festivity consisting of masquerades, parades, dance and other boisterous rejoicing" - suffers from a terrible omission: where’s the water?! In our eyes, there is no Carnival without this essential element

There is arguably no place in the country serving better hornado (hogroast) than La Merced market in Riobamba. This typical Andean dish has the best of reputations here, for Riobamba is a city that distinguishes itself for its traditional flavors, something that one can also

As years roll by, those who’ve periodically visited the Ecuadorian Amazon Basin surely feel overwhelmed at the speed of change. Not change in terms of evolution or natural life cycles, but the change provoked in the name of so-called progress.

We begin our exploration of Guayaquil at its oldest urban park, which was originally the city’s main Plaza de Armas, later Plaza de la Estrella (named after an eight-pointed stone star constructed here), and which today goes by no less than three different names: