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December 2016

Steve Lozano’s heart flipped. Perched some 50 feet above the ground, with the tips of his climbing shoes scraping the rocks, his fingers straining between the cracks, he heard voices below. His greatest fear had materialized: The owner of this paradise had come to speak

They’re not the types of subjects that are often portrayed. Here, the photographer must endure many trials, many tests, until he is allowed to take a photo in the most intimate corner of their colossal bodies: their summits.

In Galápagos you can witness fabulous, incomparable, unforgettable, natural events: the hatching of an egg, the affections of a couple, the feeding of a young bird, a deadly fight between brothers, as well as the always bizarre courtship dances and offerings. Birds land centimeters

Out of the urban areas, in the fields, mountains, moors, markets, roads and country homes, indigenous Chimborazans seem different. Clothing is more colorful, life style more deep-rooted, demeanors friendlier, visitors will be stroke with idea that this reality is utterly unique. This is how we,

Commander Antonio Alomía’s tavern was not for everyone. Only intellectuals were allowed in; people like Eduardo Ledesma Muñoz, Enrique Noboa Arízaga, and Hugo Moncayo, who, in those days, were just young men ahead of their time. The Murcielagario, as Alomía baptized the dive, was

There are few places that remain untamed in Ecuador, where one can pick and choose activities from camping, kayaking, climbing, hiking, trekking and horseback riding, through to interaction with a remote, mountain community.